Here we Come Dalmatia!


Back in the spring of 2014, we traveled to Croatia for the first time. We saw the Capital, Zagreb and the stunning Lake Plitvice National Park and Rovinj (all in Northern Croatia). Read that blog post: Here.

After that trip, we made a promise to get back and see the Dalmatian Coast as quickly as possible, we loved Croatia but felt like we missed out on the heavy hitters (you know, Dubrovnik). Fast forward two years later and we were finally able to make Croatia happen-and we were bringing along extended family!!

My husband and I are uber Game of Thrones fans and we had already been to Seville and seen where they filmed all the scenes in Dorne (The Royal Alcazar)-another great blog here. And we had a trip booked in June to travel on a Disney Cruise to Iceland (where we were taking a Game of Thrones tour to see anything Jon Snow had touched North of the Wall). (Blog coming soon!). So we wanted the trifecta of Game of Thrones tours, and Dubrovnik has the most scenes filmed outside of the studio in Belfast. Of course, we weren’t traveling here just for Game of Thrones, in fact it’s been high on our list since we lived in the UK. Back in 2009, we wanted our final trip before we moved back to America to be this exact trip-but we couldn’t make it happen. So after 7 years of talking about the Dalmatian Coast, we finally made it a reality!!

Traveling with four adults and one rambunctious five year old can have it’s challenges (to say the least). Now add in the fact that we chose to forgo a car and opted for all ferry rides, buses and trains with a 70 year old and a five year old, and we deserve a medal for just surviving. There were some moments I would rather not relive, so my only advice to anyone traveling with a  lot of people, bring a whole load of patience and be ready to go with the flow! Anxiety can run high when traveling in foreign countries, so it’s important to keep your cool and make the best of all scenarios-after all this may be the only time you ever come to this part of the world so make it count! (Ok, yeah I did just quote Titanic and Leo).

We started our trip by flying into Split and taking a short cab ride to Trogir, a small medieval town that overflows with fancy yachts on the harbor in the summertime. (Never yell “is that boat called FAT MAN??” two times while passing by an actual over weight man, he might get offended unintentionally). Also, don’t name your yacht Fat Man!


With five people, and the need for 4 beds, finding places to stay were actually pretty difficult, but and gave us options. Croatia is difficult because hotels are big boxy Communist era hotels, that inspire nothing. They have a lot of Sobes (which are like B&Bs) but there are so many of them that it’s difficult to find reviews. We found a fantastic apartment through AirBnB, listed here.

IMG_3993 IMG_3992 IMG_3994 IMG_3995 IMG_3997 IMG_4001 IMG_4003 IMG_2279 IMG_2281 IMG_2284

It had three bedrooms, a huge outdoor patio, a view of the church, and all newly redone and modern. It was obvious that great care had been taken to maintain this apartment, as everything looked fresh and new-and we even had a welcome basket of cookies and wine. We were about a ten minute walk to town (uphill on the way back). Trogir is in the flight path to Split, and while it’s a small airport, we did have some massive jets flying overhead (but I love plane spotting so I was ok and I never heard it from the bedroom).

The first full day we were there, we sent my brother and father in law to Plitvice National Park on a full day excursion, since we had already been there, we spent the day at the beach! Actually, our host had set us up with our own personal cab driver (he picked us up from the airport, took us to the beach and back and drove us all to Split the next day). He was a very nice guy who gave us a free ride when the beach we asked to go to was closed and we had to wait for him to come back for us and take us to a different beach. (That was an adventure).

IMG_2324 IMG_2326 IMG_2330 IMG_4042 IMG_2334 IMG_2341 IMG_2347 IMG_4051 IMG_2362 IMG_4053 IMG_2363

So Croatia has two seasons, too hot and perfect. We were in the perfect season, meaning the weather was perfect temperature but the water at the beach was ice cold. Crowds descend upon Croatia in July and August when it’s 90 degrees, humid and crowded. May temperatures hovered between 72-78, and there were half the tourists. If you can go in May or September, I would highly recommend avoiding the massive crowds and high heat.

So we found a spot on the pebbly beach, and Nathan immediately jumped in and right out of the water and realizing it was frigid. There were a couple of 30-something German guys who braved the cold water and Nathan decided they would be his new best friends-and they loved speaking to him in german. So our beach day was super lazy and after a few hours, Nathan was bored since he couldn’t swim so we headed back to town to get Croatian pizza-phylo dough mixed with cheese and spinach-absolutely delicious. This was our vacation from our vacation day-and we were just starting! We also strolled the gorgeous promenade in Trogir and ate ice cream and checked out the church. Overall, a great start to a promising vacation.

IMG_2294 IMG_4018 IMG_2302 IMG_4025 IMG_2306 IMG_2308 IMG_4031 IMG_2309 IMG_2367 IMG_2368 IMG_4062 IMG_4064 IMG_4065 IMG_2369 IMG_2370 IMG_2371 IMG_4072 IMG_2378 IMG_4079 IMG_2384 IMG_4087

*I don’t think this is Disney approved:


The next day, our plan was to take our cab ride to Split and drop our luggage off in a locker by the ferries, spend the day in Split and then take a prebooked ferry at 5PM to the island of Hvar. Unfortunately for us, this was the only day we had rain all day  long, our only full day without a hotel to retreat to. We made it work, but we definitely got wet!

Split is known for its Roman fortress, Diocletian’s Palace. This massive Palace is now the wall to the town center and 2,000 people live or work within the old palace walls. The old town is very walkable and our only goal for the day was to tour the palace and have lunch before getting to the ferry. We used Rick Steve’s guidebook to take us through the maze that is the cellar of the palace.

IMG_2397 IMG_4090 IMG_2395

Actually, Rick Steves doesn’t mention this, but this room was also used in filming Game of Thrones:

IMG_4099 IMG_2400

(Dragons were housed here)

Diocletian’s palace is actually his retirement home, and took 11 years to build with 2,000 slaves. The front of the palace used to be on the water, but now there is a huge promenade filled with cafes and strollers.

IMG_2568 IMG_4220

The cellars cost money to visit, but the rest of the palace is the actual town, but it’s worth it to pay a little to see the ruins. Nathan was particularly interested in the sewer system, still intact since 305 A.D. Or as Nathan said “really old poop”). (I find ways to keep a 5 year old interested in history-poop is a guaranteed win, always). In fact, when we were on our cruise a month later, Nathan repeated his excitement over the really old poop to the historian who gave us a private tour of Hadrian’s Wall and fortress (More old poop there).

IMG_4101 IMG_2403

(old poop system)

IMG_4102 IMG_4103 IMG_4105

After leaving the cellar, we headed to the Cathedral of St. Dominus and the giant vestibule where acapella singers take advantage of the wonderful acoustics. My brother in law and I risked life and limb by climbing the bell tower, on wet metal stairs during a thunderstorm. I don’t know if this was the best idea, but the views at the top made it worth it.

IMG_4110 IMG_4111 IMG_4112 IMG_4113 IMG_2410 IMG_2412 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2421 IMG_2422 IMG_4122 IMG_4127


IMG_2443 IMG_2439 IMG_2441 IMG_2445 IMG_2450 IMG_2461 IMG_2452 IMG_2463 IMG_2466 IMG_2468 IMG_2470 IMG_2472

We also checked out the damp mausoleum and the inside of the church itself. (This church used to only be a mausoleum but was converted into a church in the 4th century). The Church is actually named after Bishop Dominus, whome Diocletian had murdered (along with many of his christian subjects).

IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_4135 IMG_4137

We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon checking out the town that lies within the walls, the giant gate entering the town and the giant statue of a 10th century priest who has a lucky toe everyone rubs.

IMG_4143 IMG_2481 IMG_4144 IMG_2493 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 IMG_2508 IMG_4168 IMG_4170 IMG_2511 IMG_2512

Nathan found himself some gladiators to fight as well….

IMG_2517 IMG_2529

Here are some more photos of Split:

IMG_4184 IMG_4189 IMG_2540 IMG_4199 IMG_4201 IMG_2548 IMG_2557 IMG_2563 IMG_4215 IMG_2567 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_2571 IMG_4236 IMG_2581 IMG_4248

As we headed to the ferry, the rain let up and the sunshine filled the skies. The ferry itself was a hydrfoil, and the first 35 minutes of the ride I was fine. The last 35 minutes, the boat started rocking and there was absolutely no air and the employees started walking around with vomit bags (I took one). If you know me, you know I get motion sick pretty easily and this was no exception. It’s sad because I love the water, I love boats and I hate that my body won’t listen to my head. So I was fairly green when we departed the ferry in Hvar and I was in desperate need of a sprite and some pretzels. I was also now dreading the fact that we still had two more ferry rides to get us to Korcula and Dubrovnik over the next week. No one else in our group was sick and Nathan thought we were on Splash Mountain, he loved it (or as he will tell you-it tickles his pee pee).

We had booked two nights in Hvar, and on our day of checking out, there was only one ferry to Korcula and it didn’t leave until almost 6PM. Luckily, our host did not have anyone checking in an allowed us to keep our luggage and stay the whole day in the apartment (another bonus of being there during the off season).

We had the most difficult time finding a place in Hvar. Hvar is a fancy island where all the rich people vacation. It has expensive big hotels, expensive apartments and yachts and fancy night clubs and fancy seafood dining-so bring your wallet!!! It’s a gorgeous fishing village with a fortress overseeing the island.

IMG_4251 IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_4285 IMG_4287 IMG_4288

We found our apartment through Trip Advisor’s website,  (here) and we were not disappointed! Actually, the apartment itself was quite spacious with three bedrooms and three bathrooms (making morning time much faster). But the piece de resistance of this apartment was the balcony. We were high above the town overlooking the entire bay. We could see all the sailboats and islands and the horizon off in the distance. This group did not want to leave the balcony.

IMG_2589 IMG_2586 IMG_2590 IMG_4261 IMG_2592 IMG_2594 IMG_4263 IMG_2588 IMG_2583 IMG_4258 IMG_4264 IMG_4267

That night we had a fancy seafood dinner and another table ordered the lobster, so the waiter brought the live lobster for us to touch-Nathan made me touch it!! They also had this crazy glass floor inside that was an aquarium. I would like to give a shout out to the owner who spent about 30 minutes answering Nathan’s questions about fish and taking him in the back to show him more seafood. Nathan begged us for the next 48 hours to go back and eat there. It was delicious but pricey and a bit upscale, I would highly recommend it but we weren’t going a second night!

IMG_4297 IMG_4291 IMG_4295 IMG_2612 IMG_2619 IMG_2622 IMG_4303 IMG_4305 IMG_2625 IMG_2628 IMG_4306 IMG_4308

We did not have big plans for Hvar, we had island plans. Our apartment was located next to a big fancy hotel and we were told we had access to their pool. While the boys hiked around the island, Nathan, Grandpa and I headed for the pool. It wasn’t heated. It was ice cold. But I found a big slide and Nathan didn’t care if he was blue and shivering, that slide was his to be conquered!!!

IMG_4321 IMG_2658 IMG_4374 IMG_4376

Dinner was a vegetarian place that was delicious but we had to hike to get there-working off the calories! And after dinner, we put Grandpa and grandson to bed and headed out to the Hula Hula bar that sits literally on the water. it’s a sunset bar and we missed the sunset by about 30 minutes, but we had a drink, took some photos and moved on!

IMG_4329 IMG_4330 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4340 IMG_2672 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4408 IMG_4414 IMG_4421 IMG_4422 IMG_4424 IMG_2698 IMG_4425 IMG_4427

The next day we were checking out and heading to Korcula, so we spent the morning on the balcony (seriously no one wanted to move from this gorgeous setting) and then headed to the fortress for some sightseeing. It was getting warm in Hvar and the hike up was hot but there was a lot of shade, so we made lots of stops.

IMG_4437 IMG_4444 IMG_4446 IMG_4448 IMG_4450 IMG_4455 IMG_4456 IMG_2710 IMG_4457 IMG_2712 IMG_2717 IMG_2719 IMG_2723 IMG_4512 IMG_2727 IMG_2730 IMG_2736 IMG_2744 IMG_4465 IMG_4466 IMG_4470 IMG_2753 IMG_4471 IMG_2755 IMG_2756 IMG_2758 IMG_4481 IMG_4492 IMG_4493 IMG_4499

The ferry ride was MUCH smoother to Korcula-no seasickness at all! We arrived around 8PM and dragged our luggage to this amazing house that was lovingly restored by the owner, Ivan. We found this house on trip advisor as well, and it was another place with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Completely modern but also tons of character (and AC!). Nathan slept on this funky pull out chair that reminded me of something my sister and I owned in the 1980’s. (he loved it).  The listing for the apartment is here.

IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2787 IMG_2793 IMG_2795 IMG_2796 IMG_2799 IMG_2801

The next day, our only day in Korcula, we spent the day exploring this gorgeous town. It feels like an island dropped in the middle of a fjord, sparkling blue water, sandstone buildings encased by an old wall with lots of quaint shops and cafes.

IMG_4523 IMG_4519 IMG_2819 IMG_2818 IMG_2824 IMG_4532 IMG_2832 IMG_2827 IMG_2835 IMG_2836 IMG_2837 IMG_2842 IMG_4545 IMG_4549 IMG_4553 IMG_2850 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_2853 IMG_4564 IMG_4566 IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_4569 IMG_4570 IMG_4571 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_4579 IMG_2863 IMG_2866 IMG_4582 IMG_4584 IMG_2873 IMG_2875 IMG_2877 IMG_2880 IMG_2881 IMG_2882 IMG_2886 IMG_2893 IMG_4588 IMG_4592 IMG_4596 IMG_2902 IMG_4607 IMG_4611 IMG_2917 IMG_2920 IMG_2924 IMG_4632 IMG_4641 IMG_4652 IMG_4656 IMG_2958 IMG_4663 IMG_2963 IMG_2965 IMG_2967

There was not much to do here but check out a couple of museums (they literally took 15 minutes maximum for each), and my brother in law and I climbed another tower (it wasn’t in the rain but there was a section with no hand rails, so still scary!) We had two nice meals and another night where Grandpa put Nathan to sleep while the adults did some local bar hopping. (Including a bar on top of a tower where they literally have to use a dolly up the side of the tower to bring the drinks to you).

IMG_2973 IMG_4687 IMG_2975 IMG_4690 IMG_4693 IMG_2979 IMG_4694 IMG_2982 IMG_4698 IMG_2990 IMG_4701

Our final destination on this trip would be Dubrovnik. We used it as a base to see Bosnia and Montenegro, and spent four nights in the Old City. My next blog will cover those 4 nights, filled with history of both the War of the 90’s and loads of Game of Thrones trivia!!!

On the ferry to Dubrovnik!!


Thanks for traveling with us!





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