Gelato, Pizza and Wine-Oh My: A Trip to the Amalfi Coast & Naples



After spending two months on the 21-Day fix diet and working out 6 days a week, spending a long weekend on the Amalfi Coast was just the inspiration I needed to completely overhaul my diet to pizza and gelato (and pasta and seafood and risotto….). I was looking forward to visiting the Amalfi Coast for two reasons.

A) I could completely cheat on my diet with zero guilt. B) Amalfi Coast, duh, it’s gorgeous.

IMG_0798 IMG_0796

We decided to base ourselves in Sorrento for the weekend until we made our way back to Naples where Dan had to work for a few days. We found a great apartment through Here is the listing:

Raffealo was a great host, the apartment was super modern and clean and located directly next to the train station (making getting back to Naples super easy). This was a one bedroom apartment with a family room with a pullout couch. We put our son to bed in our room and moved him to the couch when we were ready for bed and it worked great.

IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_0808 IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0814 IMG_0816

Nathan and I arrived first in Naples, and chose the 12 euro bus ride to Sorrento (it was supposed to be an hour but due to massive traffic heading into Sorrento it was 2.5 hours). It was a comfortable bus (and the bus driver only stopped once, randomly to allow a tween out to pee!). This was the bus service we used:

Dinner was recommended by Raffealo, the oldest pizza joint in Sorrento, Pizzeria da Franco, and it was a great way to break the diet. The place was filled with giant picnic tables, shoved in there to fill as much of the space as possible. There were not a lot of people in there, and the owner came over and played with Nathan. I love the older Italian men-they love kids and Nathan got a lot of attention all weekend. (We went back to this pizza place later that weekend and it was jam packed with people that there was a line out the door-definitely a popular place to eat!

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0824 IMG_0826

And gelato….

IMG_0830 IMG_0831

Capri was first on our list of places to visit, so we made a plan to be up early and catch the 8:30 ferry. This was an aggressive schedule, as Nathan didn’t get to bed until after 10 and the walk to the ferry was about 15 minutes (Nathan is like a tiny teenager and does NOT approve of early mornings). We also had no food in the kitchen as the grocery store was closed by the time we left the pizza joint the night before-so we were apprehensive that we could get breakfast, dressed and walk to the ferry all by 8:30. But Nathan was excited to get up and see Daddy (since he arrived well after Nathan was in bed) and we found a bakery to grab some yummy italian pastries to eat while heading down the hill to the boat. Shockingly, we made the 8:30 ferry with time to spare!

IMG_3015 IMG_3017

Capri is the island of the rich and famous and known for its glamour and beauty. We heard that its overrun with people in August and July so we were hopeful that April would be calmer. The day started off quiet but swelled with tourists by the end of the day and we were literally being trampled to get on the ferry home.

IMG_3019 IMG_0835 IMG_0840 IMG_3025 IMG_0841 IMG_0842

We followed Rick Steves see-everything-in-a day plan to get the most out of our day and try to avoid the crowds, and it worked until lunchtime when the crowds were just unavoidable. The 20 minute ferry got us to Capri before 9AM and we headed directly to the boats taking you to the Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is an interesting little tourist spot. You basically take a boat to get to a tiny boat, you climb into this little dinghy (we were with 2 other people) and the rower takes you into this cave through a 3 foot entrance (we literally needed to lie down in the boat to get in). I got real comfortable with the adults behind me as I was practically laying in their laps. I didn’t know that Nathan was panicking in Dan’s lap in the front of the dinghy, but Dan quickly calmed him through the magic of Daddy.

IMG_0856 IMG_3036_2 IMG_3040_2 IMG_0860 IMG_3044 IMG_0868 IMG_3045 IMG_3057 IMG_3060

Our rower took us around the grotto, in which the limestone on the bottom of the cave makes the water turn a perfect shade of aqua blue. The cave is small but large enough for about 7-8 of these row boats to go in a circle, in the dark, while the rowers sing local Italian tunes. The grotto is from Roman times and is believed to have been a romantic spot for the Romans.

We had our rower take us to the steps leading to the local bus, instead of back to the boat back to Capri. The bus would take us to Anacapri, the town above Capri. We planned on going to the top of the island and spending the day making our way back down to the boat back to Sorrento.

IMG_0886 IMG_0889 IMG_0891

Anacapri is a small town with a chairlift that takes you 1900 feet above sea level,to the most amazing views on the whole island. We definitely had second thoughts about the chairlift. It was an open chair, fit for one person with just a single bar to hold you in place. Nathan would have to sit on my lap for the whole ride up (and not move). I would not have done this if Nathan was younger, because communication would have been more difficult and any squirming could have been dangerous! Nathan was incredible during the whole ride to the top (no photos because I wasn’t letting my death grip of Nathan go for even a millisecond!)

After ascending to the top, we walked around, took photos and had a cappuccino with a view! Nathan was all about chasing the lizards.

IMG_3066 IMG_3069 IMG_0896 IMG_3073 IMG_0903 IMG_3083_2 IMG_3085 IMG_0911 IMG_0913 IMG_3091 IMG_0917 IMG_0920 IMG_0922 IMG_3102 IMG_0928 IMG_0930 IMG_3107 IMG_3114 IMG_3115 IMG_0934 IMG_0936 IMG_0938 IMG_3117 IMG_0943 IMG_3120

We decided the chairlift downhill would be scarier with the lean down on the chair and holding Nathan, so we decided to take the 45 minute hike down. In retrospect, the chairlift would have been better, only because we basically spent all of Nathan’s energy and he was done after the hike-making the day much harder!

The hike was nice, with sprawling views of Capri and the sea, but it was getting hot and Nathan was getting whiny and tired. (I would NOT recommend this hike if it was any warmer-it was about 75 degrees out).

IMG_0946 IMG_3125 IMG_0949 IMG_0951 IMG_3127 IMG_3130_2

By the time we made our way down back to Anicapri, it was definitely time for lunch. We found a little sandwich place on the main pedestrian walkway. The food took forever but our mozzarella/tomato paninis were worth the wait! There is nothing better than fresh Italian food. The ingredients are always ten times better than anywhere else, and hello, it’s Italian food.

IMG_0955 IMG_3133 IMG_0957 IMG_0959 IMG_3135

After lunch, we got gelato (because it’s Italy) and walked around Anicapri. Nathan was kind of over walking at this point, but we still hadn’t seen the town, so we tried to be as leisurely as possible. We made our way to the Villa San Michele,  a 19th century mansion, another place with outstanding views of Capri. We didn’t actually go into the mansion, but walked around it for the views.

IMG_0961 IMG_3137 IMG_3141 IMG_0963 IMG_3142 IMG_0965 IMG_3145 IMG_3149 IMG_0972 IMG_3151 IMG_0974 IMG_3157 IMG_3163 IMG_3166 IMG_1001 IMG_3167

At this point, we wanted to head to Capri and check out the Rodeo Drive of the Island. This was when the island started to feel cramped. There were about 45 people waiting for one tiny bus to take us back to Capri. A cab would have cost almost 30 euros, and the bus was about 1 euro, so we took our chances. We did somehow manage to squeeze ourselves onto the second bus that came-but Nathan was literally standing in the doorway. I worried when the Italians on the bus were concerned about his safety-so I was pretty eager to be off that bus. We made it alive to Capri-but we were all hot and groggy and annoyed at that point.

IMG_1004 IMG_3174 IMG_1006 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_3184 IMG_3186 IMG_1010 IMG_1011 IMG_3189

The rest of the day could have gone either way, we weren’t sure how we could turn it around without having to carry Nathan for the rest of the day. So we decided to walk through the Rodeo drive and we found a pretty park that had far less people in it. Nathan was able to run free for awhile and we weren’t trying to drag him anywhere. It was a good break from the masses.

IMG_1013 IMG_3192 IMG_3193 IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_1019 IMG_3196_2 IMG_3201 IMG_3208_2 IMG_1025 IMG_3210 IMG_1026 IMG_1028 IMG_3212 IMG_3218

However, we hadn’t realized we booked a ferry back that had a time on it-around 3PM, and we were definitely not making that ferry. We had asked the ticketing office if we could come back at any time and she said yes and then gave us a timed ticket-so I think we had some translation issues. We were concerned about it, but there was nothing we could do-so we just hoped we wouldn’t have to pay again.

We slowly made our way out of the park, had some limoncellos and more gelato and headed to the ferry. The 5PM ferry had not shown up yet, so we were standing there with about 150 people, all crammed onto a dock. Initially, Nathan and I were sitting on the ground, until an older woman told us we better stand so we wouldn’t get trampled. When the boat arrived, mostly the young Italian men started crowding the entrance to the boat. We were already standing there when more and more people just started cramming us in deeper and deeper into the crowds. We couldn’t move or get out of the way, and Nathan was starting to get knocked over and trampled on-and I started yelling Bambino over and over again and pushing people away from him. I can see how quickly people can get trampled to death-it was terrifying. The aggressors were all yelling at each other, meanwhile, the ticket taker never even looked at the time of our ticket due to the chaos, so we didn’t have a problem getting on the 5PM ferry with 3PM tickets. But I was super grateful once we were on the boat, to be out of the chaos.

That night, we decided to head to the Marina Grande, a part of Sorrento that feels like another village, to have dinner at Ristorante Delfino. This place was amazing. A family run place, with the nicest people on the planet, and we had a table with a sunset view. Nathan’s ravioli plate was bigger than him, the portions were massive, the lobster was outstanding, the wine was divine, and we loved it so much we went back another night!

IMG_3220 IMG_3224 IMG_1034 IMG_3225 IMG_3229 IMG_3234 IMG_1040 IMG_1042 IMG_1044 IMG_3239_2 IMG_1047 IMG_1048 IMG_3240 IMG_1050 IMG_1052 IMG_1056 IMG_1062

Day 2 was another early start, but we were being picked up by the driver we hired to take us around the Amalfi Coast. We hired Raffaele Monetti (Rick Steves recommended driver) http://( )  to drive the dangerous cliffs and curves of the gorgeous Amalfi coast, so we wouldn’t have to deal with it! It was an 8 hour tour and worth every penny. You can take a round trip bus tour, but we liked the idea of going at our pace, and not having to worry about dragging Nathan around at the bus pace (he can sometimes be stubborn about moving along on timed tours!). Raffeale was filled with local knowledge and was great with Nathan.

Raffeale picked us up at 830AM, to avoid the crowds and traffic that increase the later it gets  and we headed to Positano, stopping for some photos along the way.

IMG_3253 IMG_1077 IMG_3256 IMG_1353 IMG_3257 IMG_3258_2 IMG_3260_2 IMG_1246 IMG_3261 IMG_1089

Positano is a town that winds down a cobblestone streets all the way to the beach, with a stunning cathedral and sand filled roofs along the way. Dan and I had a morning cappuccino with a view while Nathan threw rocks into the ocean, it was a peaceful way to start the day.

IMG_3269 IMG_3273 IMG_3279 IMG_3281 IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_3284_2 IMG_1106 IMG_3285 IMG_3287 IMG_1111 IMG_1113 IMG_1115 IMG_3293 IMG_3294_2 IMG_1125 IMG_3300 IMG_3303_2 IMG_3304_2 IMG_3308_2 IMG_1129 IMG_3315_2 IMG_3320_2 IMG_1134 IMG_1136 IMG_1139 IMG_1142 IMG_1145 IMG_1149 IMG_3329

We left Positano and stopped at a juice bar on the side of the road, for the freshest possible orange/lemon juice I’ve ever had.

IMG_1156 IMG_1158 IMG_3336 IMG_1164 IMG_1166 IMG_1168 IMG_3344_2

We also made a quick stop at a pottery shop-I really wanted the patio table but didn’t have four thousand euros to burn.

IMG_1170 IMG_3348 IMG_3349 IMG_1172


More photo stops:

IMG_1174 IMG_3356 IMG_3358 IMG_1175 IMG_3361 IMG_1177 IMG_3365_2 IMG_3372 IMG_1183 IMG_3375 IMG_1184 IMG_3382 IMG_3384 IMG_1192

The actual town of Amalfi is over run with tourists, so we ended up spending exactly 30 minutes in Amalfi. We walked to the center, took photos of the church and did a quick tour of the church and left. Nathan has started using his ipad to take photos, and it really helps in holding his interest in the things we are touring. It’s fun to see photos from his perspective, and see what he finds interesting or photo worthy. His 5 year old brain can be fascinating (and frustrating as hell).

IMG_3389 IMG_1204 IMG_1207 IMG_1210 IMG_3398_2 IMG_3399_2 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1220 IMG_3411 IMG_3417

The highlight of the day was our lunch stop in Ravello. This town is situated on top of the Amalfi Coast, and we were literally eating lunch in the clouds.

IMG_1231 IMG_1252 IMG_1356 IMG_1258

Lunch was a fancier affair than we were expecting, but the dishes were interesting and delicious. The first course (which is served to everyone) was a little liquid egg on top of sugar, which you aren’t supposed to touch with your hands. Trying to get Nathan to suck the egg up was, interesting.


IMG_1235 IMG_1236 IMG_1238 IMG_1239

We had proscuitto, cheese, calamari pasta, poached egg, an artichoke and a lemon/marshmellow dessert. I wish I could accurately describe the food, but I didn’t write it down and now I can’t recall exactly what I was eating-but it was so fresh, delicious and different.

IMG_3427 IMG_1243 IMG_3430_2 IMG_3431 IMG_1245 IMG_1247 IMG_3432 IMG_1249 IMG_3435_2

Lunch actually took up the majority of the time we were in Ravello, so we walked around the main square and then took a quick stroll along the cobblestones side streets. This town was actually my favorite. Maybe it was the lack of crowds, the stunning Duomo looming over the square with the hilltops in the background. Maybe it was lunch in the clouds or the beauty of the town itself, but something about Ravello felt magical. I would love to have a resort weekend and just stay in Ravello, and not leave for the weekend.

IMG_3438 IMG_1269 IMG_3439_2 IMG_3440 IMG_1272 IMG_1275 IMG_3443_2 IMG_1280 IMG_1297 IMG_1299 IMG_1301 IMG_3447 IMG_1303 IMG_1304 IMG_1306 IMG_3450_2 IMG_3451 IMG_1308 IMG_1309 IMG_1310 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_3455_2 IMG_3459 IMG_3461

The legendary Amalfi drive one hears about-buses clinging cliffside, people in the middle of the road directing traffic, backed up for miles, all true. We had some hairpin turns, but it was only on the drive back, when traffic was heavier that we got stuck while a bus tried getting by on a 2 lane road with room for only 1.5 cars. Cars parked on the road don’t help the congestion as everyone is trying to get through and motorcycles are swerving through traffic. Our driver was excellent, and we had a gorgeous mercedes to glide us through the mess.

IMG_3387 IMG_1325 IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1330 IMG_1331IMG_3481

Our last day in Sorrento, it rained most of the morning, so we slept in and took it easy, going out for lunch where the waiter gave Nathan the best spaghetti bib I’ve ever seen. All kids should always wear these, at all times.

IMG_1366 IMG_1371 IMG_3504_2

Sorrento was celebrating something that day, so the streets were fully decked out, and the roads were turned into a pedestrian only road for the weekend. That night we went back to Delfino and got front row seats to the fireworks from our table!

IMG_1341 IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_1346 IMG_1347 IMG_1349 IMG_1351 IMG_1384 IMG_3521_2 IMG_1386 IMG_1388 IMG_1395 IMG_1400 IMG_1408 IMG_1411 IMG_1420 IMG_1421 IMG_1429 IMG_1428 IMG_1433

IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_3534 IMG_1444 IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_1458 IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_3542 IMG_1484 IMG_3558 IMG_3562_2 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_3567_2

Sorrento is filled with lemons, tourists, gelato, great food, lively streets filled shops and strollers and super friendly people. It really makes a great base for a weekend trip. The next morning we would travel by train to Naples and begin the second part of our trip, where Dan worked and Nathan and I toured a city I was unsure I would enjoy.

I had heard that the city was dangerous, filled with pick-pocketers and super seedy. I had set my expectations for Naples, and they weren’t positive. I was especially weary about wandering the streets with my 5 year old, where I could be easily distracted and a great target for thieves.

All my fears were blown way out of proportion as I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my time in Naples. I never once felt fearful or felt as though the town was seedy. I’ve been to far seedier parts of Paris and London (with Nathan).

Naples was pretty exciting, busy, lively and fun! Nathan and I took this fabulous tour of the underground city that was used during WWII to shelter the civilians. Originally used as a massive cistern for the Romans, there is a ten minute walk you do with a candle, in a dark maze. I gave Nathan my phone light to use as a flashlight since kids aren’t allowed to use the candles, and some people get claustrophobic, but Nathan and I loved it.

When the plague hit Naples in the 1800s, they determined that the water from the cistern was spreading it, so they shut it down and started filling it with trash, until WWII. They couldn’t get all the trash out, so they shoved it down and built over the trash, so you are basically walking on 200 years of trash.

IMG_1574 IMG_1582 IMG_1588 IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1602 IMG_1604 IMG_1608 IMG_1611 IMG_1613 IMG_1627 IMG_1629

The tour also takes you to the excavated portion of an old roman theatre that once seated 6,000 people. The most fascinating bit, is the theatre is just built over, we walked down into the theatre and came out a back door and when you looked back, it was apartment complexes. You would never know you were on top of a roman theatre. The house that sits on top of the theatre was also used during WWII, the woman had a secret basement that her bed sat over, and the trap door was where people hid.

IMG_1629 IMG_1644 IMG_1648 IMG_1652 IMG_1655 IMG_1657 IMG_1661 IMG_1666 IMG_1669 IMG_1674

The two most important things we did in Naples was eat pizza and eat pizza. Pizza was invented in Naples and you’ve never had pizza until you’ve had it in Naples. The mozzarella is fresh, the sauce is sweet, the bread is doughy,  and it all melts in your mouth.

We ate at the pizza place (Antica Pizzeria) made famous by Julia Roberts’ movie Eat Pray Love and we ate at Gino’s (which constantly had a mob of people waiting to get in). I’ve never been so happy to eat pizza (and I am from Chicago!!). We also had some seriously good espresso (national drink of Italians), at a place called Mexico. It’s a little stand where you pay first then go stand and wait for the espresso and they ask with or without sugar (with!!). I am not a huge espresso drinker (I prefer cappuccinos) but this was outstanding!

IMG_1486 IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1499 IMG_1502 IMG_1504 IMG_3584 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1725 IMG_1722

I also went to the Naples Archealogical Museum when Dan was done working, so I could go alone and enjoy it without Nathan (Dan has been to Naples for work numerous times and has been to the museum). They were having an interesting exhibit in pop culture, so amongst the ruins of Pompeii, there was Batman and Yoda. It was super random and kind of fascinating. There was also a section from Pompeii from all the sex shops and intricate mosaics that were discovered in Pompeii.

IMG_1507 IMG_1509 IMG_1515 IMG_1517 IMG_1518 IMG_1519 IMG_1520 IMG_1525 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_1533 IMG_1534 IMG_1536 IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1543 IMG_1544 IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1549

Another big surprise in Naples was walking around near the Antica Pizza shop, this is not a tourist area. The grocers were out on the street, the grandparents were sitting on stoops, the kids were playing in the streets, clothes hanging from windows, and everything looked like how I imagine New York from the beginning of Goodfellas. It was like being in a time warp.

Additionally, we ate really well in Naples, and not just pizza. We had flaky pastries filled with sweet ricotta cheese, frozen lattes that tasted like the best frapuccino ever made, gelato and risotto. Overall, Naples was a surprise hit for me. I went in expecting to hide out in the hotel for two days, and ended thinking we needed more time!

IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1710 IMG_1712 IMG_1566IMG_3623 IMG_1709 IMG_1694 IMG_1692 IMG_3608 IMG_1676 IMG_1674

The last few years, I have been to Italy many times, and each time I fall more in love with the culture, scenery, people, food and wine. You can’t be mad when you are stuffing your face with pizza, gelato, fresh seafood, and seeing gorgeous sunsets on a cliff with a glass of vino.

Also, I don’t want to omit the best part of the trip-when we locked ourselves out of our hotel room, Nathan had a bad accident in his pants, so he sat naked in front of the room for about 20 minutes, because the front desk forgot about us! The End!





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