A Year in Review In Pictures-2014

It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes-but it has been two years since Nathan and I joined Dan in Germany. Last April I posted a year in review in pictures and showcased the best pictures we took all year from each month, starting with the month we moved to Germany. We were busy in 2014-many trips around Europe and back to America. Please join me again on my trip down memory lane!

*I don’t recommend opening this on a phone-it’s picture heavy!!**

April 2014

9th Wedding Anniversary

IMG_8583 IMG_3181 IMG_8589 IMG_3238 IMG_8596

Dan in Bordeaux


IMG_8677 IMG_8684 IMG_8687 IMG_3246 IMG_8622IMG_8616


Lake Bled, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Pula & Rovinj (Slovenia & Croatia)

IMG_8710 IMG_3311 IMG_3341 IMG_3313 IMG_7800 IMG_7841 IMG_7824 IMG_7788 IMG_7791 IMG_7834 IMG_8814 IMG_3523 IMG_3395 IMG_7950 IMG_8003 IMG_3666 IMG_3668 IMG_3742 IMG_3741 IMG_8154 IMG_3874 IMG_8894 IMG_8138 IMG_8258 IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_8263 IMG_4124 IMG_9049 IMG_4220 IMG_8395 IMG_9058


May 2014

Rhine Life











IMG_8454 IMG_8473 IMG_8499 IMG_8504 IMG_8505 IMG_4533 IMG_8519 IMG_4548 IMG_4534 IMG_8529 IMG_4585 IMG_4549 IMG_4586 IMG_4587 IMG_4706 IMG_8601 IMG_4707 IMG_4697 IMG_9270 IMG_4840 IMG_4645 IMG_8622 IMG_4842 IMG_4782

June 2014



IMG_4909 IMG_5008 IMG_4944 IMG_4960 IMG_4973 IMG_4976 IMG_4987 IMG_5007 IMG_5028 IMG_5064 IMG_5082 IMG_5098 IMG_5105



IMG_5118 IMG_5124 IMG_5117 IMG_5131 IMG_5137 IMG_5153 IMG_5154 IMG_5156 IMG_5305 IMG_5335 IMG_5343 IMG_5368 IMG_5377 IMG_5396 IMG_5393 IMG_5394 IMG_5397 IMG_5404 IMG_5428 IMG_5439 IMG_5514 IMG_5441 IMG_5449 IMG_5460 IMG_5519 IMG_5485 IMG_5488 IMG_5495 IMG_5499 IMG_5515 IMG_5525 IMG_5512 IMG_5524



Wine Walk on the Rhine

IMG_9335 IMG_5562 IMG_5566 IMG_5574 IMG_5576 IMG_5607 IMG_5610

Strawberry Fest

IMG_5639 IMG_5641 IMG_5656 IMG_9410 IMG_5679 IMG_5687

World Cup Fever, Motorcycle Days, Tournen Tourney

IMG_5707 IMG_5741 IMG_9461 IMG_5761 IMG_5819 IMG_5825 IMG_5851 IMG_5837


July 2014

Cinque Terre

IMG_5862 IMG_5909 IMG_5930 IMG_5945 IMG_5953 IMG_5978 IMG_5991 IMG_5999 IMG_9634 IMG_6012 IMG_6020 IMG_6070 IMG_9648 IMG_6071 IMG_9655



IMG_6106 IMG_6135 IMG_6144 IMG_6158 IMG_6182 IMG_9744 IMG_9746 IMG_6222 IMG_9765 IMG_6327 IMG_6254 IMG_9789 IMG_6292 IMG_6329 IMG_6314 IMG_8741 IMG_6464 IMG_6352 IMG_6368 IMG_6467 IMG_6466 IMG_6401 IMG_6406 IMG_6497 IMG_9934 IMG_9942 IMG_8827 IMG_6627 IMG_6606 IMG_6687 IMG_6740 IMG_6703


August 2014

Summer Fun

IMG_6856 IMG_6873

Paris & Disneyland Paris




IMG_6930 IMG_6932 IMG_7092 IMG_7091 IMG_7035 IMG_0248 IMG_7062 IMG_7088 IMG_7087 IMG_7269 IMG_7175 IMG_7190 IMG_7250 IMG_0323


Friends & Fun



IMG_7455 IMG_7424 IMG_7412 IMG_7385 IMG_7464 IMG_7507 IMG_7493 IMG_7504 IMG_7528



September 2014


IMG_7538 IMG_7557 IMG_0411 IMG_7618 IMG_0434 IMG_7712 IMG_7716 IMG_7759 IMG_7787 IMG_7853



IMG_7912 IMG_7917 IMG_7939 IMG_7997 IMG_8090 IMG_8089 IMG_8110 IMG_8131 IMG_0663



IMG_8254 IMG_8343 IMG_8349 IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8382 IMG_8383 IMG_0781 IMG_8407 IMG_8409


San Jose

IMG_8484 IMG_0794 IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8502 IMG_8506 IMG_8512 IMG_8593 IMG_8565 IMG_8588 IMG_8597 IMG_8587 IMG_8634


October 2014

Back to school!

IMG_8673 IMG_0855





IMG_0876 IMG_0881 IMG_8364

Silly Nathan



IMG_8194 IMG_8221 IMG_8232 IMG_8248IMG_8187

Cousin Jake!




IMG_8288 IMG_8290 IMG_8294 IMG_8300 IMG_8328 IMG_8313 IMG_8329 IMG_8337

New Bed, Fall, first movie theatre experience & beautiful Fall

IMG_8439 IMG_8451 IMG_8460 IMG_8461 IMG_0903 IMG_8482IMG_8587



November 2014

St. Martin’s Day

IMG_8504 IMG_8509 IMG_8532 IMG_8519 IMG_8533 IMG_8535


IMG_8662 IMG_8669 IMG_8688

Tournen Event

IMG_8698 IMG_8717 IMG_8700 IMG_8711


December 2014

Colmar & Strasbourg, France

IMG_8780 IMG_8788 IMG_0973 IMG_8801 IMG_0984 IMG_8894 IMG_8895 IMG_1040 IMG_1074 IMG_9026 IMG_1161 IMG_9110 IMG_9274 IMG_9111 IMG_9107 IMG_9203 IMG_9249 IMG_1343 IMG_9332


School Pictures, Wiesbaden Christmas Market, Chanukah

IMG_1830 IMG_9418 IMG_1831 IMG_0211 IMG_1915 IMG_9341 IMG_9378 IMG_9374 IMG_9440 IMG_9442


IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0316 IMG_0312

Disneyland Paris

IMG_9518 IMG_9524 IMG_1440 IMG_9544 IMG_1448 IMG_9884 IMG_1477 IMG_9883 IMG_9799 IMG_1599 IMG_1614 IMG_9956 IMG_9960 IMG_9987 IMG_1729 IMG_0043 IMG_0042 IMG_0046 IMG_0119



January 2015

IMG_0492 IMG_0506 IMG_0475 IMG_2020 IMG_0400 IMG_1998 IMG_0379 IMG_0355 IMG_0396 IMG_0975 IMG_0561

Maastricht, Netherlands

IMG_0612 IMG_0611 IMG_0613 IMG_2174


Orval Abbey-Belgium




IMG_0728 IMG_2191 IMG_2206 IMG_2220



Bastogne, Belgium


IMG_2235 IMG_0852 IMG_0851 IMG_0785 IMG_0827 IMG_2316 IMG_0855 IMG_0838 IMG_2299

Luxembourg-Vianden Castle



IMG_0867 IMG_2320 IMG_0863 IMG_0868 IMG_0927 IMG_0889 IMG_0928 IMG_2382 IMG_2386


Winter on the Rhine


IMG_1141 IMG_1066 IMG_2461 IMG_1143 IMG_1144 IMG_1099 IMG_1100


February 2015


Black Forest

IMG_1225 IMG_1236 IMG_1224 IMG_1221 IMG_1206 IMG_1267 IMG_1297 IMG_1337



IMG_2660 IMG_2662 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1385 IMG_2667 IMG_1494 IMG_1539 IMG_1538

March 2015

Umbria, Italy

IMG_1928 IMG_2006 IMG_2050 IMG_1949 IMG_2008 IMG_2012 IMG_2015 IMG_2017 IMG_2021 IMG_2025 IMG_2114 IMG_2126 IMG_2263 IMG_2130 IMG_2427 IMG_2264 IMG_2152 IMG_2163 IMG_2265 IMG_2228 IMG_2267 IMG_2243 IMG_2251 IMG_2278 IMG_2281 IMG_2293 IMG_2287 IMG_2290 IMG_2343 IMG_2384 IMG_2392 IMG_2399 IMG_2425 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2615 IMG_2486 IMG_2503 IMG_2506 IMG_2510 IMG_2522 IMG_2573 IMG_2619 IMG_2585 IMG_2621 IMG_2607 IMG_2630


Friends Visit

IMG_2692 IMG_2696 IMG_2697 IMG_2707 IMG_2713 IMG_2712 IMG_2781 IMG_2714 IMG_2716 IMG_2732 IMG_2736 IMG_2737 IMG_2777 IMG_2771 IMG_2782 IMG_2790 IMG_2793 IMG_2948 IMG_2949 IMG_2947 IMG_2946 IMG_3049 IMG_3045 IMG_3059 IMG_3070 IMG_3116 IMG_3145 IMG_3276 IMG_3388 IMG_3305 IMG_3361 IMG_3385


Silly Nathan

IMG_3450 IMG_3460





IMG_3542 IMG_3541 IMG_3518

St. Hildegaard Abbey

IMG_3554 IMG_3584 IMG_3559 IMG_3585 IMG_3571


IMG_3583 IMG_3597


Thanks for joining us on this journey!! We’ve had a jam-packed year-and we aren’t slowing down! In the next three months we will travel to Norway, Scotland, London and Spain!!


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