Internet Winter

As many of you are aware, Dan and I have been stuck in an internet winter…we weren’t sure how long it would last, as there are some complexities to getting internet in Germany. Lucky for us, we only had to wait 2 weeks, but I have heard stories of people waiting up to 3 months. The area we moved into has supposedly pretty slow internet, because we are high up in the vineyards in a rural area. I can say that my 3G on my phone has been torturously slow-I haven’t been able to communicate very easily with the outside world. This is particularly difficult as we have been anxious to communicate with family back in the States. I just hope that our internet speed is fast enough for Skype and FaceTime…cross your fingers for us!

 So what have we been up to the last few weeks? Moving!! We moved into a beautiful house on the top of a hill…on the way up you can see vineyards and the Rhine. It’s definitely small town and we can’t really walk to anything (I tried a walk to the local town of Hallgarten, it was 30 minutes and with no bakeries or grocery stores or spiel platz, Nathan and I ended up eating lunch at the local public pool.) And the walk back was completely uphill in the pouring rain!! You see, I forgot to mention-I still have no car…Nathan and I are sort of trapped in our lovely home until we get a car! We may be getting a little bit of cabin fever! But we do have a beautiful yard for Nathan to run around in-but no one told us about May showers! It’s rained everyday we’ve been here! It’s funny because I actually really enjoy all this weather. I was really bored with hot weather and sun every day-and the beautiful clouds and rain is actually a nice change. (Talk to me in three years- but for now I love it).

(Moving Day)

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