Well, my time to depart is getting closer and closer! Nathan and I have been living with my folks for 7 weeks and we have settled into a little routine. (One that does include Nathan waking up at 5 and asking to wash his hands and have milk a couple of times a week!) Minus that, we’ve had a nice time bonding with Bubbie and Poppy and of course, Mazy (my first baby).

Although it is bittersweet, these past seven weeks of bonding and playing were filled with loads of laughter and “naked baby time” (this is a game in which Nathan runs through the house before bathtime yelling NAKED BABY!). All this bonding will make the transition for us that much harder. We will definitely miss our family and friends but I know that the experience will be worth it!

But before I say my goodbyes to America….I have one final Disney trip! That’s right! I would never leave the country without saying goodbye to Mickey and Goofy. So look for pictures and a blog about our final trip to Disneyland.

I can’t wait to finally have my family reunited and to start this crazy journey!! Auf wiedersehen!




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